2nd SAWAP Conference

Join the 2nd SAWAP Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, February 18-19, 2015.

Terms of reference and agenda –  EnglishFrench

Participants logistics & welcome note – English

Conference Objectives

  1. Identify operational challenges of SAWAP projects that BRICKS could address
  2. Facilitate knowledge sharing within the SAWAP community
  3. Operationalize the collaboration between SAWAP country projects and BRICKS implementing agencies

Prior to the conference, 16-17 February, you are invited to join

  1. A regional workshop on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – (termes of reference & agenda  English – French)
  2. A regional workshop on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) best practices  (termes of reference & agenda  English – French)
  3. A regional workshop on Communication (Terms of reference & agenda English French)

Conference Highlights

  1. Knowledge sharing sessions led by experts the experience in:
    – Climate change adaptation and best practices in sustainable land management
    – Natural resource management and climate change
  2. Summary presentation of the work conducted within the three technical workshops held prior to the Conference (16-17 February 2015)
  3. Hands-on training sessions on knowledge and communication, geospatial, and M&E tools.
  4. Second BRICKS Advisory Committee Meeting.
  5. Optional Field trip to Tigray, Ethiopia to see the success of a sustainable land management program.

Expected Results

  1. SAWAP project teams will obtain the needed support from the BRICKS agencies to help them advance on their respective work plan;
  2. SAWAP project teams will learn from each other and take back some of these experiences to their own projects;
  3. SAWAP project teams, as part of the SAWAP community, will have a larger network of peers, experts and services to draw from to help meet their needs as required.

Summary of the BRICKS Launch, First SAWAP Conference and Regional Communication Workshop

BRICKS launch and SAWAP Conference in March 2014, was a great opportunity for the SAWAP country teams, BRICKS implementing agencies and partners to come together for the first time to discuss and exchange ideas as well as to learn more about each other’s projects and activities.

Some of the most prominent needs of the SAWAP projects identified during the Conference were:

  • Support in setting up and conducting project Monitoring and Evaluation,
  • Sharing of SLM best practices, and
  • Strengthening of communication capacity within the projects.

Based on the above identified needs, further bi-lateral discussions between the implementing agencies and the Country teams are currently ongoing.

In addition, the Regional Communication workshop held in May 2014 helped create better awareness and visibility of the SAWAP Program as a support to the Great Green Wall Initiative among other key partners in the region and has further enhanced the SAWAP Community of Practice established during the First SAWAP Conference.

2nd SAWAP Conference flyer

SAWAP-Conference_FEB2015-flyer-EN-online copy


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